1.                                             My 5000 & 50

    I’ve seen these cheap camera challenges before on the inter web but I never thought I would have to do one my self. So let me explain, not exactly cheap just not the proper equipment.


    My cousin invited me to his wedding recently which I was glad to go. However, as a photographer I had to ask “ Do you want me to shoot your special day?” he and his wife’s response was NO. We want you to enjoy yourself. With a heavy heart I agreed.               


    Fast forward to the wedding day: I decided to bring my Nikon d5000, Sigma 1.4 50mm & Sb 900 (flash) just to capture some family and friends celebrating my cousin and his wife’s joyous occasion. Once I arrived at the church I learned there Photographer DIDN’T show up yet!!! As you can probably imagine I had no choice but so spring into action…have no fear cousin Rikki is here lol lol lol.


    Needles to say I was hella nervous about shooting a wedding without the proper equipment but then again what is the proper equipment?


    My point, once you’re properly  trained and know what you’re doing it really shouldn’t matter what type of gear you use, it’s the person operating the gear that counts!

  2. When ever I get a chance to shoot in the studio it’s always a pleasure, especially if the talent is a natural.


    Todays shoot was for Decypher Clothing co. in particular we photographed the HUSH line of T-shirts.


    I had the opportunity to photograph Bianca and although she’s not a professional model she truly knows how to relate to the camera plus she takes direction well.   


    Special thanks to Haas Light for giving us the opportunity to shoot his line.

    #decypher #clothing #fashion #models #beautiful # urbangear #oneshotonestillphotography

  3. Last weekend I was called out to do a shoot for Casey’s Empire @ Club Perfections. It was a star studded event some of the folks in attendance… Uncle Murda, Fred The Godson and many more.

    The event was an opportunity for up coming artist to flex there skills and prove to the A&R in the house they got what it takes.

    It didn’t hurt to see some lovey ladies do there thing on the poles in the process. At one point I was so distracted by some of the tricks going on around me I was being called several times by Casey and didn’t respond lol lol.

    Special thanks to Casey and the Empire 

  4.      I love to create these environmental shots, they’re so real & honest to me. This type of shot is just so appealing do to the simplicity of it…proper compassion  truly helps your audience to feel connected to the subject.  

  5. Oneshotonestillphotography.com

  6.                            MORE MONEY MORE PROBLEMS

    Every once in a while I get the opportunity to create portraiture in low key lighting. I’m truly fascinated with the ability to sculpt the talent with light.

  7.      ”If I share with you my story will you share your dollar with me”?

                                               Aloe Blacc

  8.                               I photograph there for I am

                                   Beyond the picture taker

  9. On this day I photographed 6’ 6 Frankie M in the studio first time I ever shot some one that tale lol. It was a challenge due to my short ceilings in my space,but we made it work by sitting him on the tallest stole I had.   

  10. One Shot One Still Photography is in this months issue of Urban Ink Magazine. Covering the UTC in brooklyn this year, three days of non stop entertainment  partying and tattoo’s.  

  12.                      One Shot… One Still Photography.com 

  13.                    A well dressed man is a confident man

    Hey people ,I’m in the studio chilling with male model-Aaron G working on a new project for_____Magazine. For this shoot I wanted that ill Noir look, so I used a 22” beauty dish which isn’t a defuser  I usually use on men. In this instance I rather like the fall off.

  14. 2013-11-11-1384203061347 by allegoryandillusion on Flickr.

    My day at the Rubin Museum of Art.

    It was interesting to see photo manipulation done on images that were captured so long ago.

  15.   I gotta be honest when shooting male models the day goes by so quick. There’s no hair stylist/MUA needing to check the talent every 5 minutes or wardrobe adjustments every 2. Don’t get me wrong with out hair & make up I’d be lost…however male shoots just flow easier.

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